> T-Shirt design and print, 2014. “What would Buzzfeed do?” Nikolai Thyssen / Didde Elnif / Jens Christoffersen

> T-Shirt design for Christania / Copenhagen / Minorities / 2014 / Constitution / 5th of June

> ARNAR single design/release for iTunes. Old photo / Timeless Graphics / Equals Euro-Pop / Reykjavik

> Simple photo of the Moon (Moon-zoom). Socialists Campsite, Saxild, DK


> Simple Graphic version of the Death Star. Silkscreen print with shoulder logo print (Jukas logo). Also printed on black T-Shirts, shiny black print on flat black cotton T-Shirts. Wrinkles are not included

> T-Shirt silkscreen print ’Tekst-TV’ – Danish teletext (See facts), original design by DR (1983). Also printed on black T-Shirts, shiny black print on flat black cotton T-Shirts. Wrinkles are not included

> Reprint of old drawing

> Villas Voltaire´s first ride – flat black and heavy metal

> LEGO DUPLO Yoda lookalike – When nine hundred bricks old you reach, look as good, you will not, hmmm?


> Event (calender) T-Shirt for GROB


> Event poster design for Golden Days Festival. TOGA LIVE at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. In co-lab with Rasmus Fly 2013

> Collages for GOLDEN DAYS event 2013

> Golden Days Drop Down Banner at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. The grand opening of Golden Days Festival – Philosophy Now. See and download the printed program design here


> Golden Days Festival at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. Silkscreen bags, made in co-lab with Golden Days Festival – Philosophy Now – 2013. See and download the printed program design here.

Golden Days Festival – Philosophy Now – 2013. For more confusion: Download the program, read it carefully, be gentle, explore the old-fashioned, collages with three colors. Yellow, Black, fake-White

> Copenhell 2013. ’The Undeads’: Kristoffer Tejlgaard, Mads Buddig and myself, in co-lab with Jacob Holm and his affinity building crew. We designed the attraction for Converse and Copenhell. With a giant-goat-light-mosaic and upside down crosses, with loads of smoke. Converse launched a special Copenhell shoe, which could be bought in the Church \m/

> THE NEW AFGHANISTAN – Designing democrazy and visualising a new beginning.. 1 book, 1 neon pantone, 1 black color attitude.

> Mini brick Yoda, in LEGO Duplo

> Watercolour by Mads Buddig / Beads by me / 2013

> Christiania event poster and Tshirt – Constitution Day for Danish Minorities, 2013 Jesse Jacob / visit minoriteternesgrundlovsdag.dk / Kulturforeningen

> Comment and clean copy of my friend, Frodo Mikkelsen´s skull works. This is a Star Wars version with Bip Fortunas imaginable home. 2011

> Noun Projects. Developing vector icons/vignettes for Daily Information and Noun Projects. See more at thenounproject.com

> Peter Larsen: music, logo (by Rasmus Fly), jewelcase and album cover design

> Vital Archives: Poster and Calender design for L.A.R.M  – Audio Research Archive

> LARM folder – two offset prints, uncoated and semi-coated soft paper. Two specific sizes, collected with staples and rubber bands, in various colours – and visually isolated from each other. Visit LARM

> DADA beat cross, a clever ripoff and yet, the supreme introduction to stupid silly nonsense.

> homemade rack of old downhill ski –  sawed, painted and mounted on the kitchen door

> Hunted Collective #1, silkscreen print on homemade paper, 59.4×84 cm (1 of 25). Purchase the print with handmade frame at the designshop: Nord Copenhagen 

> Hunted Collective #3, silkscreen print on homemade paper, 59.4×84 cm (1 of 25) Purchase the print with handmade frame at the designshop: Nord Copenhagen

> Hunted Collective #2, silkscreen print on homemade paper, 59.4×84 cm (1 of 25) Purchase the print with handmade frame at the designshop: Nord Copenhagen

> Hunted Collective #4, silkscreen print on homemade paper, 59.4×84 cm (1 of 25) Purchase the print with handmade frame at the designshop: Nord Copenhagen

> Hunted Collective #5, silkscreen print on homemade paper, 59.4×84 cm (1 of 25) Purchase the print with handmade frame at the designshop: Nord Copenhagen

> Two selected Hunted Collective cotton-prints, with handmade glass frame (agerbo.dk). Purchase all five prints at: Nord Copenhagen

> KAMPEN OM STILLEHAVET – Book Cover design for Informations Forlag – Hard Cover

> Book cover design, hard cover, title: ”Nationernes Velstand” (Nations Wealth) for Informations Forlag. Colour Pantone 811 C

> Tshirt for the stoner punk band  The Rosa Riot. Especially designed for a Concert at the White Trash Bar, Berlin.

> Bookcover design, Neuengamme 1938-1945, hardpack

> Lagerloudz campaign design – jewelcase, poster, T-shirt, adds and website material. Visit the notorious danish glamrock band. Photos by Gudmund Thai

> The ultimate ride – custommade Fiat Nuova 500, hammering engine and red leather interior.

> FAGBOGSAVIS – newspaper/paper-zine about non-fiction books. Design and illustrations, selected pages, arranged by editor in chief Søren Heuseler and released with Information Daily. Several theme paper issues will be published by iBureauet, further info will soon be available on our comming new website! ibureauet.dk

> Bookcover design, biography, backside in cmyk petrol, very serious!

> Photo from Saxild Beach, Jutland

> Ugorskij og Meyer – Healing Beats album design. Silkscreen printed and sewed by myself from old linen. The album was published in limited editions and the only live concert was a midnight session in Vor Frue Kirke (Church of our Lady) Copenhagen. A twisted and controversial art noise telling

> stag illustration

> Deadmen´s Suit – Copenhagen Rockabilly band – jewelcase design/layout. All drawings by the Pinstripe artist Jesper Bram

> one of my favorite photographs from the isle of Møn / my mother sewed the costume

> Book cover designs for Informations Forlag – Bankstraede nr. 0 and Hjernedød

>  Book cover designs for Informations Forlag –  Lars Elstrup & Putin, both biographies

> C3PO collage from the early years

> Vals med Bashir / complete layout for the danish translation of the graphic novell Waltz with Bashir by Ari Folman & David Polonsky, published in Denmark by Forlaget Fahrenheit. Translated by Sune De Souza Schmidt-Madsen

> Gold award for Michael Falchs album fodspor i havet – for contributing to the sales numbers through creative solutions and design

Unheimlich collages in co-op with Anne Bennike and Rune Proper Schleimann (words)

> ROOM4FREE  at Gallery Ebbesen, an active installation by Jan Danebod and me – and a part of a group exchibition called Husvild (Displacement) curated by Tanya Lindkvist and Majken Kramer Overgaard Read here

> Roskilde Festival 2008 / collective decoration on Orange Stage, different medias on 107 meters of wood. In co-lab with Kristoffer Tejlgaard, Morten Plesner, Christian Dinesen, Morten Halborg-Møller, Frederik Hesseldahl a.o. (buttom – right, shot on Orange Stage). The first photo is my primary contribution, the one beneath is a cut-up of the total wall) This year we also painted the chill-out zone of Cosmopol (buttom – left / photo by Kristoffer Tejlgaard)  / Download the Roskilde Festival graffiti-calender here

the sway photo collage, printed on reused cardboard –  in 18 copies

> photographica, the West Coast of Jutland, Esbjerg

> T-shirt designs – Project Jukas, presented in a booth at Bred and Butter in Barcelona – not mass produced though.

> Hooded silkscreen design and print

> Wooden shields for creative protection of Freetown Christiania – made in co-lab with my friend and artner Jan Danebod. Not all shields are showed here

> Moth Photographica shot by my farther-in-law and photoshop treated by me

> Photographica of placed Scarecrow wing on the Isle of Moen

> AUX logo design – danish listening collective

> Camel skull photograph, cleaned by ants in Spain

> Mathilde Falch Lad mig gå fri CD album release. Reverse printed digipack (uncoated), mostly designed by my friend and artner Frederikke Lange, and supervised by myself. We also designed posters, postcards and invitations for her release.

> In the Red #1 -silkscreened front cover, signed by the danish actor Viggo Mortensen, fun fun! The DIY zine is published, edited and designed by me and my affinity art gang floor less, see more here (click on the red circling burst)

> Electronic surveillance in Copenhagen. A map illustration, showing all spotted surveillance cameras with our own designed/developeded smartphone Application Kamera Spotter. The project is credited to the journalists Sebastian Gjerding & Peter Andersen, published in Information Daily, read here or download the App here and see all the spotted surveillance cameras spotted round the world. We designed the App logo and much more.

> The downfall of Birthe Ronn Hornbech graphically explained in a facsimile. Originally designed for Information Daily and the recent Cavling Award winners, Ulrik Dalihn and Anton Geist, article series about the corrupt danish Integration Minister, which caused her to leave after three years on the post. The  print is now avaiable in limited editions, printed on cotton paper and each print measures 50×70 cm.

> Burqa and traffic sign illustration – produced as a sticker campaign back in the days in Århus

> Front Cover design and retouched Photo montage, in the supplement newspaper section Moderne Tider in Information Daily -read the article here

> Various Labium illustrations

> Mural at my daughter Carla Tristanes room – bestowed by my beloved artners Morten Halborg-Møller, Morten Leck Plesner and Frederik Hesseldahl

> Contre-Feux – inspired illustration (from the Danish version of Guy Debords Modild) for the special newspaper issue OPBRUD, designed, edited and published by iBureauet/Information Daily

> End Caste logo design / endcaste.com – developed in co-lab with Dennis Dynamite Andersen from Danish Design School. The typeface is a slightly modified freeware font

> Infographics, Facsimiles, serial boxes, vignettes and maps designed for the Newspaper Information Daily (only the printed version)

Ludvig Holberg illustration – Book supplement in Information Daily

> Jan Danebod and his son Marius at their headquarters in Christiania, wearing my silkscreened Monkey King Balaclava

> T-shirt design and print – only 10 T-shirts are produced

> Theis Wendt – Shapeshifter – 100 pages with works and words – design and print, hardcover, full colour, spectacular. Art your heart out Theis!

> DIY chair, from three conflicting materials, orange plast, a tree log and metal spikes to connect them. Rasmus Cold (Cold Heggem), Pistolstræde, Copenhagen, performed the craftwork.

> Black Cirkeline drawing by my daughter Carla Tristane, and now tattooed on my left arm.. ;)

> Photographica Ulvshale/Nyord – collage with wood

> Photographica Saxild Wood collage

> The Rogue Room

> Jukas T-Shirt design – all of them was produced each in 50 pieces in 2004

> Slogan and design T-Shirt for JAFT – among many many others, presented at the fashion convention Bed & Breakfast in Barcelona

> AddLemon T-Shirt designs – Addlemon is a communication bureau centered in the heart of Copenhagen, Grønningen 5 – where I had my first real working desk, and an unforgettable time with Søren Aaby and Mikkel Westrup

Wild Evil Entertainment Department and Tripple 6 T-Shirt designs. The band Wild Evil Entertainment Department (W.E.E.D.) is in some sort of coma right now, hopefully they will rise soon. They played post punk and post rock like it´s supposed to be played! Up the Irons boys! See the Tripple 6 event by floorless here

> CPH-SOUND alternative record label, situated in Copenhagen. T-shirt campaign design and print

> Cabaret Tribunale – performance art in NYC and Copenhagen. Complete campaign design, website, catalogue, poster, postcards, flyers and what not. The website was hand made in different materials and programmed afterwards. The whole project was made in co-op with Mads Buddig under the name Valley Girls. Line Felding and Kristine Siegel curated and realized this big project.

Dead Mens Suit cover design – Postcard from Nowhere. Jewel case with a 4 page booklet

OPBRUD – theme newspaper (paper-zine) design and illustrations, selected pages, arranged by editor in chief Søren Heuseler and released with Information Daily. Several theme papers will be published forthcomming. More info will be available on our new website, this year (2012)

> photo of snow covered compost bin in my backyard  – slightly a Stormtrooper appears

> Star Wars – Death Star T-Shirt design. Will be produced very soon – C´est ne pas une citroën!

> Phantom Blot T-Shirt design. Printed on eco and fair-trade label (neutral.com)

> Star Wars Snowtrooper/Tie Fighter Pilot T-Shirt design. Printed on eco and fair-trade label (neutral.com)

> Photo collage for the DIY zine In the Red 

> Book cover designs for Informations Forlag. Please notice that I designed Folk som os in co-op with the norwegian graphic designer and former colleague, Cecilie Breivik 

> Book cover designs for Informations Forlag, printed on ribbed cardboard

> Michael Falch X-Mas EP Tænd December – 3-fold digipack cover design, printed in grey tones, partiel UV varnish and pantone 811 C


> Nuclear Power No Thanks 30 years anniversary T-Shirt for the huge demonstration in Gyllingnæs 1978. My rebel aunt arranged the jubilee party and I was allowed to do the anniversary design on the back of the T-Shirt. Though it wasn´t my greatest design task, I was very honored just by getting asked

> Book cover designs for Informations Forlag

Bad Days for a Bright Future. Silkscreen collage in co-op with Rune Proper Schleimann (words). 133×30 cm

> geometric shape design, texture print. Ltd. ed. – 1 out of 10

> Atomkraft nej tak (Nuclear Power – No Thanks) demonstration, Gyllingnæs, Jutland (1978)

> Album cover design for Sonny, his first release on his own. Jewelcase with a 24 page booklette, printed on standard coated paper

> Photographica Dead Frog from the isle of Møn

> Michael Falch – Sang til undren, album and poster design. This was my first task for Michael Falch and since this I have designed and pitched on all his works and projects. Lyrics by Falch / Music by Boat man Love / Produced by Jakob Binzer (D.A.D). All photos except band photos by Martin Dam Kristensen

> Mikkel Modulerer Marius – Ka´du lege? (Can you play?) album cover / digipack design, printed on secondary side, uncoated with gloss coating. The Rubik cube is a direct reference to Kazimir Malevich´s Black Square (1915)

> My childhood Star Wars drawing (1984)

BONUS: The true actor of Darth Vader (David Prowse), actor of the whiphid hunter J’Quille and Mon Calamari Officer (Tim Dry), sculptor of Jabba the Hutt (John Coppinger) and Imperial Officer aboard the Executor  (Alan Flyng , also Stormtrooper in the iconic Carbon Chamber), have all signed my drawing, and with personal quotes. They all appeared in the 1st. cinematic trilogy (IV, V, VI), but John Coppinger appeared in the prequal trilogy (I, II, III) as the actor of Graxol Kelvyyn and Wookiee Senator Yarua.

> Painterror – photocollage in cooperation with Rune Proper Schleimann

> Danish Dynamite knitwear from 1986. A birthday gift from my artner and mother

> robot collage – one of my first attempts in photoshop back in the days

> Complete album cover and campaign for the danish indie band Baal. The title of the album Behind your echoes refers to the long life artistic development of the band, still going strong despite three decades. Bix shot the band photos and he gave me carte blanche to do whatever and what not.

> website intro-splash design for Salvation by Mate Rheeah. I designed the whole website, but it´s unfortunately not out there anymore, but Rheeas herbs are still growing!

> hooded silkscreenprint – floorless logo by Mads “Valley Girl” Buddig

> Grunge-green and black-marsh – Rookie photography, from the Isle of Moen (Møn). Feeling: The Joy of Less, 2012 / or go minimize even more

> My son Villas Voltaire – devoted fan and padowan, he has already attended 3 Star Wars weekend journeys!

> Collage with wood worms again – Neil pain – (double pain). Almost two and a half meters wide. Installed by Neil Pain at home, Königsberg 2000.

> Jøden, Monkeyjuice – complete album campaign for the danish rapper Jøden. A joint venture, more text will come…..

> Kætteren#1 – a homebrewed, silkscreened, sewed, embroidered 64 page project. Each page is individual due to different fabrics from recycled canvas, rags, household linen or my own childhood memory. Published in 28 versions, for the involved or invited artists only. The book was released at the Graffiti Gallery Cph, along with the Exhibition Herecy & Unbelief – curated by Rune Proper Schleimann and myself. Read more: H[æ]resi & Van[d]tro.

> Antifascistisk Aktion (Antifa, 1. of may) poster and folder design + an AFA anniversary poster, silkscreen-printed on cardboard

> Poster design for a decoy street happening called Operation Kylling (Operation Chicken) – the idea was to suprise the police after a long demonstration with soft glue and feathers just outside Ungdomshuset 69. Arranged by “De U(t)rolige)” and a lot of support!

> Free Tibet Tshirt design for J.A.F.T – the design was modified from the original, with a key symbol and the Flag of China conected to it

>25 silkscreen printed fabric covers for the book Dansk Gadekunst (Danish Streetart). Some of my old works are showed in the book, published by Lasse Korsemann Horne. The book sales have reached 68.000 DKR (at. 2011.01.11)  and the full amount is donated to Verdens Børn. My “unika cover” is unfortunately not on the website yet – I stalled the production ;(

> My own Jukas logo designed by my friend and artner Kristoffer Tejlgaard – now working with sustainable outlaw architecture. Click on his name

> Christiania event poster – Constitution Day for Danish Minorities, 2012

> Double DVD+CD publication design, including poster for Michael Falch. The DVD contains a concert with Michale Falch & Boat Man Love. I also designed stuff for the DVD intro and Menu. Words on the cover by Steffen Jungersen

> Sweater designs

> Darth Vader acrylic painting, 50×50 cm., painted in 1995, for my nephew, Victor. Now inherited by my son and recently signed by David Prowse (the physical Darth Vader) – the saga continues indeed!

> LARM Poster design, 2009. Magenta and black offset print. (larm-archive.org)

> Ørting Grill Room Renegade T-Shirt. My favorite T-Shirt as a child. My parrents drew a Cafeteria called Ørting Grill Room and this T-Shirt was our signature: “Wake me up when I get thirsty and take me to Ørting Grill”

> Roskilde Festival 2010 wall mash-up – Orange Stage viewpoint. See the Video and teamsters here..

> Barslund digital cover for iTunes.

> Our very own citybikes for sunday cruising, handpainted by Esben Byræv

> Mom and Dad (Lissi & Jørn) in Future Scope, Paris, 1994

> plastic skull

> Villas Voltaire, 2 years

> Poster cut

> inverted cross  –  borrowed and colored

> Sweden circle rotation, rotate the world black and white – inevitably design

> MANSON JESUS / MINDFUCKERS T-shirt rip off design. Image is stolen from the book Mindfuckers (about the rice of acid fascism in America from 1972)

> Trousers – photographyca of the danish youth magazine Vi Unge (Vi Onde) poster pages. Shot in the grass and mold of the Isle of Møn. In my very early days, I illustrated every issue, every month, during a period of 4 years. The drawings (mangagirls) are way to dangerous for this site – sorry.

> Layout for magazine

> Very old acrylic paintings

> Logo design and silkscreen print on fabric flyers for PJALT (Rag) – a Curiosity Shop in Copenhagen

> Handmade badges for New Media Days, DR

> proud to present my new office at iBureauet/Information Daily / photo by Søren Heuseler

> painting A Celebration: The Wizard of Aarhus (Hans Krull) / acryllic, neon colours, spray paint, emulsion and varnish on wood, 1.95 x 1.15 m.

> painting ASSEMBLY LINE / acryllic, oil, neon spray, indian ink and loads of boat lacquer on canvas, 1.6 x 1.23 m. / all words by Proper Fix

> queer Pippi/Foucault, collage for Information Daily

> painting Fruitless Detour – Death to the Shadows! / acryllic, neon spray paint, UV colours and lacquer for boats on wood, 2.44×0.65 m.

> old wooden beer crates painted and with fixed wheels, for my kids – and stash of their toys

> groupshow Fight or Flight on gallery KHM, arranged and curated by Rune Schleimann / a collection of site specific works, made for the exhibition in the streets of Malmö, documented, installed and rearrenged by Rune Schleimann. I contributed with accommodating UR FUNKTION (out of order) notes, placed on selected cashpoints.

> very old painting So What T.V. / acryllic and neon-glow spray paint on canvas, 1.79×1.34 m.

> painting Rearranging the Landscape / acryllic, spray paint, oil and varnish on a composite of canvas and wood 3.5×1.2 m.

> external hand sewn and silkscreened cover for the metal band Mermaids Purse. I also designed their new logo, release poster and different inlays for the cover.

> the swushtica

> the pipestica

> painting with Dais / large photo by Dais

> collage with woods

> collage with woods

> collage with woods

> my buddy Dresse and I

> collage with woods

> t-shirt for an exhibition opening on Gallery Asbæk, several wore it that night (it wasn´t a part of the exhibition – go figure) / made with LSifer

> Exhibition catalogue design for the artist Odey Curbelo – Deep Field at Skive Kunstmuseum. Printed on Ivory paper.

> flyer and poster for a movie and audiograf event about Afronautical mythology and Sun-Ra. Arranged on Karrierebar, Copenhagen, by AUX

> AUX open call invitation for the international sound exhibition Technical Breakdown / screenprint on fabric with weblink on paper strips stiched to it

> photocollages for Information Daily

> Ordinary Day in Trekroner – Cows still eat..

> complete campaign for the danish band Baal, including a three fold digipack printed on wrong side, with silver pantone on the cover and leberello. Singles on fabric, posters, tshirts and embroidered caps. Also a lot of different army clothes I never got shots off unfortunately. This was my first real album cover.

> wall in my studio

> album cover & campaign for Juncker P.T. / single, jewelcase, logo, tshirt and poster

> Panic Room in Field´s, a major exhibition of international sound art in Copenhagen called Technical Breakdown,  2005. More info: floorless

> Memorial Stone for Hygum Museum of Contemporary Art / The inscription reads: ‘Due to the circumstance of evil, we always answer by imposing ourselves in question.’ / by floorless

> Morne logo – hammering band

> modified painting / Realizing the Treason, We Vowed to Bring Them Back From 1945, oil and spray on canvas, 1.2×0.75 m.

> painting We Waved Beneath the Sun / acrylic, oil, spray on wood, 2.44×1.22 m.

> painting, Anthrax / acrylic and varnish on canvas, 1.4×1.89 m. 1998

> illustration for our newspaper Information Daily, a celebration to Virginia Wollf / read the article here

> photographica inside a tree on the isle of Møn

> photographica fire

> decorating the interior and walls at the brasserie of Hotel Kong Frederik, with LSifer and Proper Fix

> painting, no title

> painting in my own studio

> Collage ’Etymology’ for In the Red magazine. Words by Proper Fix

> Mural and facade decoration at Stengade Copenhagen (Local Venue) with Dais / Clean / Snaw / Rodeo / Skilove / Mija (Group-photo by Dais)

> mural in Frederiksberg, in an old biker gang hideout, print, spray and acryllics

> photograhica Isle of Møn, 50×50 cm. / photoprint on glossy paper in beech and glass frame

> painting Experiments In Error 2.42×0.5 m. / oil, acryllic and spray on canvas

> paintings, Pax versus Herecy, each 25×25 cm. / oil, spray paint and varnish on canvas

> Red Rain poster project in Barcelona. A3 photography print of my own painting (see below), placed on several walls in Barca

> paitning Red Rain 1.5×1.8 m. / oil and acryllic varnish on canvas

> Hand knitted sweater by mom, with the motive of my painting; Red Rain

> painting Metropolis, 2.5×3.5 m. A two days painting session on spot in London (Rockefellers appartment building) / acryllic (and neon) on canvas

> photographica of Taxonomicons eating fallen wood on the isle of Møn

> painting on Peter Patton´s livingroom walls – way back in the days / acryllic emulsion paint

> photographica / print on matte photopaper, 42×30 cm. The beach of Dueodde, Bornholm, in the fall after a violent storm

> drawing no title, 30×45 cm. / indian ink and pencil on fake parchment

> drawing no title, 38×26,5 cm. / pencil on cardboard

> A visual art tour through the dodgy areas of Odense, Funen. The base (Brandts Klædefabrik) showed a stylized city map of Odense and marked several intervened spots. Made in co-lab with floorless

> charity and silkscreen event in Copenhagen arranged by Folkekirkens Nødhjælp. Artsits: Locals Gang and floorless

> Bullets Demise tshirt, silkscreen print, words by Proper Fix

> tshirt design for the danish metal band Surfact / the bee is a redrawn illustration by request from the band

> tshirt design for the AUX arrangement CEO, A Bend-O-Rama Experience

> black flag tshirts and silkscreened balaclavas

> Sales wagon at one of many demos in favour of Ungdomshuset 69. 600 Black Flags was printed and sold at production costs, to different organizers, the total profit was donated to Ungdomshuset in 2006. Cibo was the prime mover at this specific event.

> silkscreened balaclava with the mythical Monkey King / getting married in Barcelona

> Isothermal jacket print. I´ve made a lot since 2001, unfortunately I didn´t document all of them, but more will follow.

> silkscreened balaclava with the mythical Monkey King / and my three favourite danish deejays performing in Sweden

> Pixie book – work in progress, in colab with Proper Fix and LSifer.

> silkscreen prints on rags

> black flag hoodies, silkscreened

> floorless solo exhibition at Spanien 19c, Aarhus, 2004 / see the whole project

> painting with carved wooden bird (by Mads Buddig) / neon acryllic, spray and oil on four compounded canvases, 1.85 x 50 m.

> Find Five Flaws Group exhibiton, Aarhus, 2004 / by floorless

> Monkey hooded design for JAFT

> Index03 / an old slaughterhouse group exhibition, also published in Danish Art 2003. see more here: floorless

> Public Unrest by my art collective floorless / workshop/exhibition organized at SPLab by Jan Danebod, 2003.

> Cloud shaping an Imperial Star Destroyer, mobile snap at Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

> fallout in pieces [sic] installation at Brandts Klædefabrik, Funen, co-lab with Proper Fix, 2002

> silkscreen 75×75 cm / Jumpstart, 2002

> silkscreen 50×36 cm, 2001 / originally a collage for the zine In The Red#1 by floorless art collective

> magazine layout for the latvian street artist Maijah Kurseva, 2003

> silkscreen on canvas 50×36 cm, 2002 / Jump Out, Run Over, Let Go, Get By

> Mike Tramp campaign. Mike Tramp and the Rock ´n´ Roll Circuz – complete campaign and album design. Including single/promo releases, LP´s, T-shirts, stage curtains, drum-prints, street-posters and several add material. Bonus: A true glam-gentlemans stories, told face-to-face during the project, flashback into the 80´ies. Please listen: White Lion

> tagged pigs on a farm in Jutland with the letters KÖD (meat), 2003 / stencil and real-pink-pig-spray, normally used to tag sick pigs

> webdesign for artist Julie Boserup

> Album cover for the danish band Boat Man Love (the band formerly known as Inside The Whale), 2006

> Charlottenborg Group Exhibition. An installation of 24 graphic acrylic paintings, each 50×50 cm.

The Violator – very old acrylic painting on canvas from 1998 (1.79×1.32 m). I snapped the work next to it in NYC – can´t remember the artists name though. But when I scanned both photographs together, they suited very well

> After a night session with the girls from the valley

> Slingshooting with Dresse / for the zine In The Red#1 by floorless art collective

> Denmark Street, mom & dads house, 2006 / visit the old drive by cafeteria in Ørting

> Photographica / Sydhavn Copenhagen

> Pipe Bornholm

> Carlsberg Workspace/Halls Energy

> Christiania event posters 2006-2011, incl. Tshirts. Constitution Day for the Danish Minorities

>  Reclaim the Streets 2003 & 2004



> contact jesse_jacob@information.dk / +45 3161 1670 for futher information